6030 All in one solar led street light

6030 All in one solar led street light

All in one solar led street light

Lamp  Info.
Product Name All in one Solar Led Street Light
Model 6030-10W  6030-20W
 6030-30W   6030-40W   6030-60W   6030-80W 6030-100W 6030-120W
System Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 25.6V
Total Lumens >1800LM >3600LM >4800LM >6400LM >10200LM >13600LM >18000LM >21000LM
Led Qty 28Leds 28Leds 56Leds 112Leds
Warranty 5years 5years 5years 5years
Ambient Temperature “-2050 “-2050 “-2050 “-2050
Relative Ambient Bumidity 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90% 10%-90%
Solar Panel Information
Panel Type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
Panel Voltage 18V 18V 18V 36V
Panel Wattage 30W 50W 95W 145W
Battery Information
Battery Type Lifepo4 Lifepo4 Lifepo4 Lifepo4
Panel Voltage 12.8V 12.8V 12.8V 25.6V
Panel Capacity 6.5AH 10.2AH 20.4AH 34AH 44.2AH 51AH 34AH 47.6AH
Led Information
Led Brand Brigelux 5050 Brigelux 5050 Brigelux 5050 Brigelux 5050
Life Time @Ta25°(Hours) 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs 50000hrs
CCT 2700-6000K 2700-6000K 2700-6000K 2700-6000K
CRI >70Ra >70Ra >70Ra >70Ra
CTN Size
73.5*42*12.8 CM
20GP: 732PCS
40HQ: 1512PCS
96.8*41.7*13.5 CM
20GP: 518PCS
40HQ: 1090PCS
119.8*58.5*13.5 CM
20GP: 289PCS
40HQ: 629PCS
20GP: 176PCS
40HQ: 363PCS
Suggest Installatioin H 6-8M 8-10M 8-10M 10-12M
Suggest Installatioin W 30-35M 30-35M 30-35M 30-35M
Charging Time 6Hrs 6Hrs 6Hrs 6Hrs
Backup Time 2-3Day Automatic 2-3Day Automatic 2-3Day Automatic 2-3Day Automatic
Sensor Mircoware Mircoware Mircoware Mircoware
Controller Depower Depower Depower Depower
IP Grade IP66

IK Grade IK08
Sensor Control System
Lighting Efficiency 160-180lm/w
Induction Time Somebody under the light Nobody under the light
Optic system PC Lens
2H 100% 50%
Beam Angle  Type II, Type III, Type IV
3H 50% 30%
Base D50-60 side Entry /Post Top
6H 20% 10%
Adjustable Tilt Angle ( Deg) Universal adjustable
1H 30% 20%
Housing Material ADC12/LM6

Certification Pending

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