Energy-saving lamp decoration is popular

Energy-saving lamp decoration is popularBased on an average of 4 hours of lighting per day, one energy-saving lamp can save 71.5 kWh per year, which is equivalent to a reduction of 137 kg of carbon dioxide. Eliminating incandescent lamps will play a role in alleviating global warming.

According to some data, if all households in our country replace incandescent lamps with energy-saving lamps, then the total annual energy saving of household lighting alone in the country is close to the annual electricity generation of the Three Gorges Reservoir. Despite such a good power-saving effect, the majority of newly-built residential users are still buying energy-saving lamps. Old residential users who still use incandescent lamps are also reluctant to abandon incandescent lamps because of the high cost of circuit transformation and cumbersome procedures.

According to Liu Hong, an expert from the Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, an energy-saving lamp contains an average of 0.5 mg of mercury (only a few ** products can achieve about 0.25 mg), and the penetration of 1 mg of mercury into the ground will cause about 360 tons Water pollution. Not only that, most of these waste energy-saving lamps that are treated as ordinary garbage will be transported to the landfill after crushing. These energy-saving lamps will emit mercury vapor into the surrounding air at the moment of breaking. An ordinary energy-saving lamp can make the mercury concentration in the surrounding air reach 10-20 mg / m3, and the higher allowable concentration of mercury in the air is 0.01 mg / m3 according to regulations.

An industry source said that the recovery cost of an energy-saving lamp is 1 yuan to 2 yuan, because the public's awareness is not enough, it is difficult to take the money to "recover" the energy-saving lamp. "We have also engaged in free public welfare activities, but it is impossible to do it every day, because companies also need to survive." Industry insiders suggest that the high price of energy-saving lamps is determined by their high cost. When the government promotes green lighting, in addition to vigorously In addition to publicity, the government can also purchase high-quality products uniformly, give them to low-income families for free, or formulate subsidy policies for the production and sales of energy-saving lamps to lower their prices. This is not only conducive to the promotion of energy-saving lamps, but also inferior products out of the market. Actively developing mercury-free energy-saving lamp technology and products, and implementing a mandatory recycling mechanism have become a matter of urgency for China's energy conservation and emission reduction work.
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