Seoul Semiconductor cuts into LEDTV supply chain

Seoul Semiconductor cuts into LEDTV supply chainSeoul Semiconductor is a South Korean LED packaging manufacturer and has been developing LED internalization since 2008. It mainly supplies applications such as mobile phones, lighting, and large and medium-sized backlight modules. Among them, the development of mobile phone applications is relatively Early, followed by the development of lighting applications; and in the application of large and medium-sized backlight modules, it has entered the LED field for NB backlight modules since the second quarter of 2008.
Under the impact of the financial turmoil in the second half of 2008, Seoul Semiconductor not only failed to decline in revenue, but also suffered a loss in the fourth quarter of 2008 from the second half of 2008 to the first half of 2009, which was deeply affected by the financial turmoil, showing its operating capacity Very good.

Seoul Semiconductor's revenue increased significantly in the second quarter of 2009, and revenue in the third quarter of 2009 reached a single-quarter high, making its 2009 annual revenue better than its previous performance, reaching more than 450 billion won (about 350 million US dollars) ), And it set a 2010 revenue after 2009, set a new high target of 730 billion won, and plans to make profits in 2010 to a higher level, operating profit is estimated at 88 billion won.

Optimistic about the LED backlight LCD TV (hereinafter referred to as LED TV) market, although Seoul Semiconductor started late in the application of LED TV, but under the active layout, its application in mid-to-large-size backlight modules in 2010 will be officially from the existing LED NB field Expanding into the LED TV field, against this background, Seoul Semiconductor plans to significantly increase the proportion of large and medium-sized backlight module applications in 2010 to account for its total revenue, and is expected to be tied with lighting applications as its main source of revenue.

In 2010, Seoul Semiconductor ’s equipment investment in the expansion of LED packaging capacity increased significantly compared to 2009, and plans to significantly expand LED die production capacity to accelerate its LED die internalization. It is worth noting that in 2010 Whether Seoul Semiconductor expands LED packaging production capacity or develops LED die internalization, LED TV applications are one of the focuses.
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